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Tracy & team are excellent to work with! We’ve used their services on a number of projects and I’m continually impressed by their ability to provide relevant contacts for us, regardless of the ask. Tracy is incredibly focussed, sets realistic targets and demands quality material to bring in quality contacts.

Her team has continually connected us with the decision-makers – this year’s Mobile World Conference was no exception and was our strongest show to date. We will absolutely be coming back to eContactServices for future projects.


Tracy is professional and very dedicated to getting great results. She has great connections which she uses well. I have used her services several times at Amdocs and am always astounded with the amazing results she delivers.


I was recommended to eContact Services by our CEO who has worked with Tracy Bottomley in previous roles. Asia Info is a leading vendor for BSS solutions in the APAC region.

The Company was considering moving into the EMEA region but before investing heavily in  the region, we needed to know if there was a gap in the market for another vendor.

I appointed eContact Services to conduct a market research campaign within the EMEA region into 60 Network Operators, both fixed and mobile. Their remit was to conduct market research into each operator, identifying incumbent information and their strategy for the next 2 years for Billing, Charging, CRM and Policy Control.

There was a total of 12 questions relating to each product/discipline. eContact Services was able to speak to senior level management and executives within each operator and obtain all the required information for each product. This enabled Asia Info to decide on the following:  a) do we invest in the EMEA region b) what is the size of the market potential c) what does Asia Info need to do to achieve results.

eContact Services successfully delivered the campaign as per the campaign brief and within the tight deadlines set and within budget. Not only did they provide all required information but there were opportunities identified which they communicated to me immediately, which was beyond the brief of the campaign provided. We also ended up with over 600 contacts for our own future marketing purposes.

We will be engaging with Tracy on future planned campaigns and look forward to working with them again. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy and eContact Services to any company who is looking to generate leads and develop their business. The accuracy, efficiency and tenacity is of high quality.


I worked with Tracy and her team while I was working for CloudSense. We used her team to help drive several extremely successful meetings at some third-party events we sponsored such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and TMF’s Digital Transformation World in Nice. I would highly recommend her and her team!


You have done an outstanding job!  I knew about the value of your services, but I needed to convince people internally. From the informal feedback I got, people are just amazed that we (and in particular you) have managed to set up so many meetings ahead of Mobile World Congress.

This is totally unheard of at our company, and in fact has had the effect of spurring on our own sales people to set up some meetings too (the excuse that they can’t pin customers/prospects down is no longer credible, thanks to you!).

I am just very glad I didn’t go for the pay-per-meeting arranged option! Thanks again for an amazing campaign!


We have engaged the services of eContact Services for a number of years now and have been delighted with both the quantity, but more importantly, the quality of the leads/meetings provided. We have used a variety of their services, but mostly lead generation and trade show appointment setting.

We can always rely on eContact Services to deliver the results on short term or longer term campaigns with limited input and management required from us. They “know” the Telco industry and use their extensive contacts and experience to help maximise our investment with them. 

Tracy and her team are approachable, flexible and thoroughly professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.


We used eContactServices to facilitate meetings for the TM Forum conference in Nice.  

We are actively trying to expand our European presence and have little marketing presence or abilities in the region. We enlisted eContactServices to help out and Tracy and her team were fantastic at securing meetings with not only our target customers but with the correct resources within each organization.  It resulted in our busiest and best conference and we now have momentum to continue our expansion.  I would highly recommend eContactServices.

Evolving Systems

I've engaged Tracy (and her company, ECS) to manage outbound campaigns for over a decade, first on a project basis and more recently on a retained basis. The results of her work have consistently exceeded those of her competitors, have delivered an ongoing source of high-quality leads, have been in line with her stated proposals/targets, and have generally reduced our cost per lead from the source in question by some margin.

Additional to those results, Tracy works extremely hard, is always available, really engages with the client and their products, and understands the telco market better than any vendor, regardless of niche, that I've worked with. At the risk of being cliched, it's not an exaggeration to suggest she and her company function as an extension of your team rather than an external expert. My recommendation for Tracy, and ECS, is unreserved.


"We have worked with eContactServices on two recent projects and were extremely pleased with the results achieved. The eCS team showed they were able to reach out to their extensive network and clearly set-out the benefits of a Client meeting with IBM. The turn-up rate at the two Conferences was high and the quality of Client interactions was excellent."


We engaged with eContact Services for a meeting appointment service to support and increase the ROI of our major trade show in the year. They set up 30 appointments with very targeted high level executives which was an amazing result. eContact Services has consistently supplied the highest levels of service in support of our field marketing efforts, with exemplary set up, execution, reporting and an impressive reactivity. I am more than happy to recommend eContact Services to businesses looking to expand their lead generation or gain access to senior decision makers

Matrixx Software

Having worked with eContact Services I have always been very pleased with their performance. MATRIXX Software, based in the US, has used eContact Services for all lead generation activities to date. We have always been very pleased with the standard of service and the quality of leads provided.

The types of campaigns we have engaged in with Tracy and her team range from appointment setting at major Telco trade shows and cold call lead generation into specific target accounts both here in North America and in EMEA. They have the tenacity and skill set to identify opportunities, get us involved with RFI/P/Qs when we would otherwise not have known of their existence and ensure we get in front of key personnel.

They are also able to hold intelligent and knowledgeable conversations relating to our solutions enabling them to report back pertinent information on the prospects situation and strategy.


The service provided by eContact Services was invariably exceptional, in terms of both speed and quality of response. The information which eContact Services was able to provide gave us real business advantage and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone (other than our competition!)

Oracle Communications Business Unit

I highly recommend eContact Services and consider them part of our virtual marketing team across our Communications and Media activities. The team, headed by Tracy Bottomley, support us by delivering the following services: 

Executive meeting recruitment at 3rd party and Oracle led events - this often means taking control of over 10 exec diaries across multiple lines of business for the event. The dedication of the team to over achieve at each event is second to none and often involves working long and unsociable hours to ensure a global reach. The quality of the meetings that we focus on are C level or equivalent in either a business or a technical domain (CIO, CEO, CTO chief architect etc). The team are detailed, persistent and are always ready to report back at any time 

Workshop recruitment for specific product solutions targeting both business and technical delegates. Consultants at eContact Services are quick to understand concepts and messages around Telecommunications and Media, they grasp the make up of the ideal target audiences and are quick to develop a map of target organisations to get the right people to the event 

Target account "deep dive" investigations - eContact Services are very skilled in enabling us to understand target organisations and see the picture of their technical footprint, they have been able in the past to ascertain timings of their next budget decisions and chains of decision command, enabling us to focus on influencers and decision makers. Often these exercises result in agreement to meet. 

Oracle Embedded Business Unit

I have engaged eContact Services for tactical telemarketing campaigns and have been very satisfied with the results, with not only leads generated, but also valuable customer intelligence.

Tracy and her team are responsive, easy to work with, understand the brief and execute with efficiency and tenacity. The communication and detailed reports are excellent and the service is good value for money.

I have no hesitation in recommending eContact Services.


We engaged with eCS to provide meetings at MWC.  We were extremely happy with the volume of the meetings arranged and also with the support provided by eCS in reporting and feedback regarding the progress of the campaign. 

eCS also made themselves available to be contacted as and when needed and were not limited to “office hours”.  We are very happy with the results and pleased we selected eCS for this event and will definitely consider eCS for future campaigns.


MWC was an amazing conference. Best Ever. You did a killer job. We are very, very pleased. It's a done deal for TMF. Thank  you so so much. There were some incredible meetings. My management is very happy.


Having worked with Tracy for many years on numerous lead generation campaigns, I can highly recommend her. Tracy is focused, plans well in advance, pushes hard for results and has excellent customer service and the right attitude. Her well established contacts, long experience and quickly reacting team will help you achieve the desired results, and bring you the desired additional boost for your business development activities.

Telcordia Technologies

eContact Services helped us get access at the right levels into hard to reach accounts across Africa and Europe.  The methodology was expertly executed and the bonus was an extensive list of contacts to add to our marketing database.

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