Account Profiling: messaging that's bang on target

With Account Profiling eCS helps you find the pain points so that your message resonates with your audience

All too often, prospecting and lead generation campaigns miss the mark because solution providers ‘fly blind’ in their conversations with prospects.

At eCS, two decades of experience has taught us that listening is as critical a component of successful marketing as presenting yourself.

We believe Account Profiling is vital to marketing success, and we can help you understand your prospects’ organisational structures, pain points, how to locate key decision-makers and more. Working with us lets you:

1.   Save time and costs by quickly honing in on the Right Target in an organisation, not simply ANY target and hoping you get lucky

2.   Hone your marketing messages to deliver content directly relevant to the prospect rather than relying on ‘one-size-fits-all’ content

3.   Fine-tune your marketing programmes to fit industry trends, as you quickly identify the hot topics, pressing issues and innovative ‘use cases’ that your prospects are focussing on

eCS Account Profiling streamlines and focuses your outreach efforts, allowing you to spend more time where the best returns are likely to be accrued.

“The eCS team showed they were able to reach out to their extensive network and clearly set-out the benefits of a Client meeting with IBM.

The turn-up rate at the two Conferences was high and the quality of Client interactions was excellent..”


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