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Optimise Lead Generation in the ‘New Normal’ world of Marketing

eCS can pull Qualified leads from any inbound digital forms, enquiries or interest, and transform your Marketing Return On Investment (MROI) into a measurable pipeline

23% of salespeople said the thing they need most from their marketing team is “better quality leads”, while 15% ranked “more leads” as their top need from marketers

Telecom lead generation tactics (events, placement advertising, content syndication) and opportunity handover criteria ( Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead) varies hugely from vendor to vendor, but the issues arising from inbound lead qualification are pretty standard and typically come down to a lack of time, trust and telecom industry experience.

A flimsy qualification process results in a campaign that stalls with databases, spreadsheets, CRM and lists of potential prospects falling into a digital sales void and MROI that can’t be linked directly to business.

In an increasingly complex telco business ecosystem, where competition and collaboration can come from the same opportunity and digital touch-points proliferate, eCS offers the time, trust and telco experience needed to qualify:

    • Inbound website visitors: adding value to your SEO investments
    • Sponsored webcast registrants: ensuring that no indication of interest is left unchecked
    • Social survey respondents: adding intelligence layers on key issues
    • Asset downloads: sifting the “probable” prospects from the “possibles”
    • And more…

We are trusted by the World’s largest technology vendors to uncover quality telco prospects and avoid progressing dead-end enquiries. We build and validate robust and flexible qualification frameworks with you, to scrutinise inbound contacts and then share qualified leads, decision-makers, opportunities, appointments and intelligence, with sales teams.

We pull qualified leads from digital voids and transform MROI into measurable business.

Read how we strengthen your forecast position by building pipeline coverage with qualified leads.

1 Source:

“Over a 4 month period, the eCS qualification function clearly linked ROI to each digital tactic with close to 50% of MQLs immediate opportunities and projects and included an RFP.

Our pipeline coverage mid and long-term has been protected, despite the pandemic, thanks to eCS, and we are now planning our long term strategy along with eCS, continuing touchpoint and contact qualification”

Marketing Director Openet, July 2020

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