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Data Management. You know where you need to go. We know who you need to talk to to get there.

It’s always been axiomatic in marketing that what you say matters less than who you say it to. The most finely-crafted value proposition presented to the wrong audience will generally fail…but even a poorly-crafted value proposition has a chance of success if it reaches the right targets. eCS’ continuously cleaned, up-to-date contact database of c120,000 global executives from within communications service providers (CSP) and other telecoms industry players is the ‘special sauce’ in our service mix. It gives you the best possible chance for your message to reach those truly interested in hearing it and able to act on it. For eCS clients’:

1. Sales teams focus exclusively on the opportunities most likely to progress through the pipeline, with our nurturing of initial contacts certain to maximise your chances of success.

2. Benefits are achieved when ‘suspect’ enquiries (such as a website download) are nurtured by us into qualified leads.

3. We quickly find the right contact to target within large and often unfamiliar companies for which our clients may have no organisation charts.

I have engaged eContact Services for tactical telemarketing campaigns and have been very satisfied with the results, with not only leads generated, but also valuable customer intelligence..


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