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Event Organisers and Virtual Meetings? A big mistake?


You’ve probably experienced this or, at least, have heard about it happening.

Think on this scenario. You are attending an event and the organiser reaches out to you to advise that they can arrange meetings. Really good quality meetings with people who want to meet you. After all, they organise the Event, so they know who is attending and they have influence. Right?

Wrong! On so many levels!

Event organisers are exceedingly good at what they do. Organising events!
Lead generation companies and telemarketing agencies are very good at what they do. Generating leads and calling people.

See the trend?

When you add in a sector specialism such as Telco to the mix, years of experience exclusively working in this industry and a database of contacts that reflects this then you have something special.

eCS, a niche company within a niche market

Previously delegates would agree to an Event organiser’s request to meet with a Vendor for several reasons. It could be they will receive a free pass to attend the event, an upgrade to their pass, access to white papers or some special dispensation that they see as a benefit to the role they perform. Any number of reasons.

However, if a vendor appoints a specialist and experienced agency, such as eCS, to book meetings at the physical or virtual event, the approach is completely different and more targeted. The campaign is based on the suitability of the job profile for the topics to be discussed and targets those who will have some real interest in that topic. There is no ulterior motive, there is a clear need from that contact to find out more about the product or service being promoted to them, and they make their decisions based on the relevant key messaging.

The agency, in this case, eCS, is not seen as a 3rd party. They are an extension of your marketing department or inside sales, an extension of your company. eCS see our self in this way and will perform a role as well for your company as if it were our own.

Now, in the world we find ourselves in, physical events are not happening, there are no Events for the organisers to arrange but, they still want to arrange those meetings for you. Virtually, of course.

Where does their experience come from, how can they guarantee that the meeting quality will be there, how can they ensure that there is some merit in arranging a meeting with that particular person. They have no history when it comes to meeting arrangement.

A company with a track record of success

eCS fall into the category of being a specialist in our field. We have the Industry specific experience, knowledge and a database that allow us to book meetings for our clients that are quality meetings and have substance to them. The location – an Event hall, a meeting room a boardroom, your front room!! It makes no difference in the process for us but by choosing eCS it could make a huge difference to you.

Use a company that will make the difference.

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