Inbound Lead Qualification: We nurture your opportunities so you can turn them into deals

The eternal debate between marketing and sales revolves around answering the question ‘when is a lead a lead?’ The answer hinges on the critical issue of qualification, which is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Put another way, it’s where ‘all leads’ are separated from those contacts that are genuine prospects. All too often, the percentage of quality leads is alarmingly low. Working with eCS’ Inbound services reinvents the process, allowing:

1. The percentage of qualified leads in your overall lead pool to increase, often significantly, because our work sorts quality from quantity leads at the very start of the lead generation process.

2. Your sales team to focus on driving business, rather than wasting time pursuing poorly qualified opportunities.

3. Better ROI from your campaign spend, as better quality leads at the start of the funnel increase the likelihood of closed deals at the end of it. Many agencies will offer you Lead Generation services. At eCS, we deliver far more than that. It’s one of the reasons why, unlike the alternatives, our team really is your team.

MWC was an amazing conference. Best Ever. You did a killer job. We are very, very pleased. It’s a done deal for TMF. Thank you so so much. There were some incredible meetings. My management is very happy..


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