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Specialist telecoms sector Marketing Services

A full understanding of your industry sector and a well-thought-out strategy leads to success

eCS Marketing Services delivers expert content development and strategic communications guidance to telecoms industry technology vendors and other players. This can be leveraged to augment and enhance your lead generation campaigns, increasing their chances of success, or deployed as a standalone source of high-quality marketing collateral.

We have over two decades of experience in the areas of telco IT, networks and operations, and enterprise applications marketing. We understand your business and we are expert in the articulation and positioning of complex, technology products and services.

We can create the informed and insightful content needed to perform a variety of functions and address a variety of audiences including call scripts, white papers, datasheets, e-books, e-mail campaign scripts, newspaper and magazine articles, case studies and more.

If you need support or assistance communicating your product or service more effectively and your marketing efforts aren’t achieving the desired results, why not get in touch with eCS to see how we can help?

Identify the strategies that will drive your success

While content is the backbone of marketing execution, strategy is its foundation. Understanding your market and the pain points of your prospects is the first step in designing an effective marketing strategy.

eCS can support you with a fully-fledged strategic marketing package drawing on our experience, resources and state-of-the-industry contact database so that your efforts are correctly aligned with market needs, giving them the best chance of success. We not only execute the collateral components of your marketing plan, we can help you design and develop an effective plan itself.

We can work with on a project basis (for instance, all aspects of marketing support required to maximise the success of attendance at an industry event) or on an ongoing basis as an outsourced component of your in-house marketing team. For some clients, their entire marketing operation is simply ‘white-labelled’ to eCS.

For more information about tapping eCS’ marketing expertise, please get in touch.

Support your campaigns with high-impact collateral

In the telecommunications industry, producing impactful content can be challenging. It requires an understanding of often complex technologies, a grasp of industry trends and pain points, an ability to clearly articulate and polish often complicated value propositions and, of course, the skill required to write engaging, high-impact copy.

eCS Marketing Services puts the team’s experience in doing all of the above to work for you. Our leaders have experience as journalists, industry analysts, book authors and CMOs. As a result, we have an unrivalled ability to understand what your business does, how your products meet the needs of your target markets, and to then synthesise and articulate your messages. These can be presented in multiple formats including:

  • Campaign Support Materials (such as call or e-mail campaign scripts)
  • White Papers
  • Data Sheets
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Media Articles
  • Case Studies

If you need to enhance the success of your sales and marketing efforts and stock your collateral library with high-impact content, please get in touch. eCS can help.

Raise your profile and establish thought leadership

eCS’ Marketing Services team has been writing for key telecommunications industry publications, websites, analyst firms and other media outlets for over two decades. Our media contacts and reputation for creating high-quality published material are well established (samples of our work are available upon request).

We can help you develop, write and place thought-leadership and other materials across the trade media. We can dramatically improve your visibility across the media worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help expose your company’s message in a variety of high-visibility, industry outlets please get in touch by clicking the link below.


eContact Services are telecoms industry relationship builders. We cultivate real relationships with your potential buyers before we hand a lead over to your sales team. We can help your business. Contact us.