Qualified Lead Generation: We're a Telecoms Industry Relationship Builder

Experts in Qualified Lead Generation: eCS turns cold calling into relationship building

Generating qualified leads, virtual or not,  takes time, dedication, knowledge and experience. So we don’t just ‘hit the phones’ and return questionable leads driven by volume goals. We take the time and the steps needed to really help grow your lead pipeline. With eCS you’ll be represented by a team that:

1. Has 20+ years of experience discussing the technical solutions that address key telecoms industry Use Cases. We’re familiar with the terminology, network architectures and functional requirements that define the OSS/BSS landscape.

2. Unrivalled Database of CSP Contacts

3. Invests considerable time up-front to understand your products, their benefits and your prospects’ pain points. This happens before a single call is made.

4. Is multi-lingual and culturally aware. Our clients’ prospects span the globe and our team has been communicating with them in their own languages, sensitive to regional differences, for over a decade.

Many agencies will offer you Telecom Lead Generation services when requirements for virtual engagement have increased. At eCS, we deliver far more than that. It’s one of the reasons why, unlike the alternatives, our team really is your team.

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“As the Communications & Media Industry Marketing Director at Oracle Communications and then at Salesforce, Tracy’s partnership was an essential part of our demand generation marketing plan. eContact Services was a critical extension of our team on key industry events.

In addition to executive meeting recruitment at industry events, eCS successfully supported Oracle and Salesforce Communications industry teams with lead generation and account profiling. I cannot emphasise enough how fundamental Tracy’s services were to successfully reach our most important goals and uncover opportunities that we may not have ourselves. Her vast experience, deep industry knowledge/expertise, high quality database of contacts, proven process and relentless tenacity were consistently the secret sauce to successful customer engagement and ROI with every campaign.”

Salesforce, June, 2020


eContact Services are telecoms industry relationship builders. We cultivate real relationships with your potential buyers before we hand a lead over to your sales team. We can help your business. Contact us.