Webinar, Virtual Event and Physical Event Audience Generation. You’ve invested in the event but the success depends on the audience…

Webinars, seminars, roundtables (be they virtual or not) all require significant marketing spend to execute but, in the current climate, are more central to your needs.

We don’t need to adapt to a ‘new’ world. Virtual event audience generation is not new to eCS and has been a service we have provided for many years in the CSP and DSP industry.

Now, with COVID19, much of the world is having to change its way of marketing.

Webinars in the modern market will become more vital. You, your business, and the industry need to exploit every opportunity that presents itself. The crucial part for you is to ensure that the target job profiles participate from your target MNO’s, MVNOs, CSPs and DSPs. Why have the scattergun approach of an industry 3rd party provider, where your competition may have access to your presentation. Take control of who attends. Talk to us on how our approach is different.

eCS has unrivalled CSP lead generation experience, supporting vendors who are looking to raise awareness for a product or service and need relevant industry contacts to attend their event.

Read our blog on the importance of webinars in the post-Covid019 world. 

By utilising our 20 years of experience, a database that is continually used and cleansed, and approaching only the relevant people for your messaging and solution, eCS can enable you to dramatically increase the ROI from your investment. Stop the scattergun approach and avoid your competition listening to what you have to say. ‘Control’ who joins your virtual event. Invite who YOU want to attend.

The 20 years of experience has also enabled us to fine-tune the best event support package in the Communication Service Provider industry.

By engaging with eCS you ensure that you are working with a company who:

1. Understand your product, the topic you want to discuss and the importance of your brand
2. Is specific to the industry with the benefits this entails – Industry knowledge, understanding of CSP hierarchy, a 120k+ database of senior industry contacts and a demonstrable experience in getting to speak to these contacts
3. Identify and approach key decision-makers in your specifically targeted accounts.
4. Has a history of success. Our clients return to us year on year as we do not fail

eCS supports our clients in driving delegates and audiences to your event, whether it be your own industry branded event or an ‘intimate’ round table with likeminded executives.

We listen to your requirements, we engage with you on a consultative level, offering advice and more importantly, delivering the results. Talk to us about how we can help you make the most of your event.

You have done an outstanding job! I knew about the value of your services, but I needed to convince people internally. From the informal feedback I got, people are just amazed that we (and in particular you) have managed to set up so many meetings ahead of Mobile World Congress..

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