Virtual Roundtable: Stimulating Conversation

Opinions? Every single person has one and each, and every, person has the right to express their own.

Opinion is what makes conversation so interesting. If we all had the same opinion, then conversation would be very boring indeed.

eCS Virtual Roundtable service can allow your thought leaders and other industry experts to express their opinion in an environment that is laid back yet professional. Through supporting telemarketing activity, eCS can ensure that the correct people are encouraged to register to view.

1. Ensure the ‘thought leaders’ you want to participate are identified and encouraged to attend by telemarketing activity, using our extensive database of global telco contacts and our years of experience

2. Control who has access to your ‘private’ Virtual Roundtable and what interaction, if any, you want to allow, using your own platform or our premium service platform

3. Support the Roundtable with a telemarketing follow up campaign to further qualify the delegates who interacted and showed interest in the topics of the Roundtable

eCS can enable you to dramatically increase the ROI from your investment in your virtual event. We do not need to adapt our processes or service offering or approach to support clients in the new working environment they are in.

With two decades of experience and an unrivalled database of contacts, why not use our recruitment service?

We have been recruiting for Telco Roundtables for many years. This is not new to eCS!

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“You have done an outstanding job! I knew about the value of your services, but I needed to convince people internally. From the informal feedback I got, people are just amazed that we (and in particular you) have managed to set up so many meetings ahead of Mobile World Congress..”

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