Amdocs: eCS masters technical complexity to deliver MQLs

"eCS delivers tenacious, culturally aware marketing support to increase strategic MROI"

“eContact Services, led by MD Tracy Bottomley, partnered with Amdocs Networks for over 5 years to provide multiple services from account research to lead generation and executive appointment setting at global events such as DTW, MWC and IBC.”

“The team are industry specialists and can quickly articulate solution offerings from NFV to BSS and OSS in order to generate MQLs. Individual team members under Tracy’s close direction are typically tenacious, very flexible, culturally aware and committed to delivering clear measurable ROI whether that is C level meetings, detailed account mapping intelligence or qualified SAL’s.
I highly recommend engaging eCS if your remit is to build relationships and generate business with service providers.”

Justin Paul, Networks Marketing Director, Amdocs