Experts in Lead Generation Marketing

eCS’ core expertise lies in the area of business-to-business lead generation and marketing.

By combining that domain expertise together with twenty five years’ experience applying it specifically in the telecoms and broadcast industry vertical, our clients benefit from a unique combination;

The outstanding, mission-critical marketing skills required by every successful company together with an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ commercial landscape.

We understand:

  • The exact challenges our clients face bringing products, services, and solutions to the service provider market.
  • The hurdles they must overcome to turn raw prospects first into qualified leads and eventually into closed deals.
  • How to make the most of the various marketing activities they may undertake, in order to increase their return on investment.
  • The language of telco. We understand the questions that you need asked and the answers you’re looking for, which means we can clearly articulate your value proposition in a way that reflects your prospect’s pain points and captures their attention.

Our experience

We are able to deliver results for our clients because our team has had years of direct experience meeting those challenges not just working with eCS but also running marketing teams directly for many leading telco industry solutions vendors, CSPs, and trade asssociations. We’ve been in our clients’ shoes so we understand their pain points and the help they need.

Our team’s proven expertise includes:

  • Lead profiling and database building
  • Marketing database management and cleaning
  • Campaign design and execution
  • Telemarketing (multi-lingual, global)
  • Copywriting and script writing
  • Marketing reporting
  • Collateral development and content creation
  • Event planning and meeting booking
  • Lead development and nurturing

And more.

Enhance your marketing team with eCS

Generally, the solutions and services CSPs require to enhance the performance of their operations and increase their market share are “big ticket” items. Deals for these products often involve sums of seven figures or more, and the time-to-decision in the sale process is lengthy.

Random cold calling campaigns executed by uninformed personnel don’t work; in fact, not only does such an approach to marketing usually fail to generate qualified leads but it also has an adverse effect. It doesn’t matter whether these campaigns are handled in-house or by an agency, real domain expertise as well as market skills is required to succeed and there aren’t any shortcuts. That’s why you should talk to eContact Services.

We can enhance your marketing team. We work as an integrated part of your marketing effort, not as a “distant, remote vendor” and we guarantee our results. We WILL deliver the qualified leads we promise, or you don’t pay. And along the way, we’ll work side-by-side with your sales and other appropriate personnel involved in benefiting from our work.

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