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Whether it’s qualified leads or confirmed meetings at key industry events, eCS is the first choice of telco and broadcast industry hardware and software vendors worldwide who need to bridge the sales gap; reaching new targets and gaining qualified sales leads to build a high-quality pipeline for their sales and marketing teams.

Generate qualified leads: quality AND quantity

Generating qualified leads takes time, dedication, knowledge, and experience. It’s about more than just “hitting the phones” and returning questionable leads driven only by volume goals. At eCS, we take the time and the steps needed to really help grow your lead pipeline. Working with eCS will let you take advantage of:

  • 25 years of experience discussing technical solutions that address key telecoms industry Use Cases. We’re familiar with the terminology, network architectures and functional requirements that define the OSS/BSS landscape so we know how to talk to your propsects in their own language.
  • An unrivalled database of CSP Contacts which lets you identify exactly the prospects you want to reach.
  • A team that spends time up-front to understand your products, their benefits and your prospects’ pain points. This happens before a single call is made.

These are advantages that not only generate leads, but high quality opportunities as well.

Many agencies will offer you lead generation services. At eCS, we deliver far more than that. It’s the key reason why, unlike the alternatives, our team can generate the leads that will lead you to sales success

Increase your RoI from meetings and events

Are you attending or sponsoring a trade or other industry-related event? Do you need to secure pre-booked meetings in advance? Want to meet contacts you don’t know rather than those you do? eCS has 25 years of experience providing meeting recruitment services. We’ll support your event planning or attendance by:

  • Using our extensive in house database of 200K global telco contacts, we match and approach key decision makers in your specifically targeted accounts
  • Pre-arranging focused, qualified and agenda-driven meetings
  • Providing insights and background information, including strategy and challenges in advance of the meeting, through in depth conversations with the contacts, enabling your sales executive to pitch the meeting and set the agenda and relevant messaging

Events command significant marketing budget expenditure. The eCS team can increase your RoI from any event. So why ask your sales team to ‘go back to basics’ cold calling to deliver an audience when that isn’t their skill-set or in their mind-set? Your sales teams may be good at booking meetings with their own contacts, but what about contacts they don’t know? Is this the best use of their time?

Make your digital channel marketing a success

Do you need to increase your return from digital engagement? eCS can generate more marketing qualified leads from any inbound digital forms, content syndication, enquiries, or expressions of interest to transform your Marketing Return On Investment (MROI) by building measurable pipeline.

23% of salespeople say the thing they need most from their marketing team is “better quality leads”, while 15% ranked “more leads” as their top need from marketers. Yet all too often, these requirements aren’t being met. Why?

Telecom lead generation tactics (events, placement advertising, content syndication) and opportunity handover criteria ( Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead) varies hugely from vendor to vendor, but the issues arising from inbound lead qualification are pretty standard and typically come down to a lack of time, trust and telecom industry experience.

A flimsy qualification process results in a campaign that stalls with databases, spreadsheets, CRM and lists of potential prospects falling into a digital sales void and MROI that can’t be linked directly to business.

In an increasingly complex telco business ecosystem, where competition and collaboration can come from the same opportunity and digital touch-points proliferate, eCS offers the time, trust and telco experience needed to qualify:

  • Inbound website visitors: adding value to your SEO investments
  • Sponsored webcast registrants: ensuring that no indication of interest is left unchecked
  • Social survey respondents: adding intelligence layers on key issues
  • Asset downloads: sifting the “probable” prospects from the “possible”
  • And more…

We are trusted by the World’s largest technology vendors to uncover quality telco prospects and avoid progressing dead-end enquiries. We build and validate robust and flexible qualification frameworks with you, to scrutinise inbound contacts and then share qualified leads, decision-makers, opportunities, appointments and intelligence, with sales teams.

We pull qualified leads from digital voids and transform MROI into measurable business.

Read how we strengthen your forecast position by building pipeline coverage with qualified leads.

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Reach the right audience

Webinars, seminars, roundtables, and other events that are part of your marketing strategy all require significant budget and are a vital source of sales leads. You need to exploit these opportunities to the full, by ensuring that your target job profiles engage with you.

eCS has unrivalled experience helping vendors who are looking to raise awareness for a product or service and need relevant industry contacts to attend their event.

With us, you can start your planning by accessing a database that is continually used and cleansed, and approaching only the relevant people for your messaging and solution which can dramatically increase the ROI from your investment. We can also help you to avoid the scattergun approach to event marketing and avoid your competition listening to what you have to say by controlling who joins your event. Invite only who YOU want to attend.

Our 25 years of experience in this area has enabled us to fine-tune the best event support package in the Communication Service Provider industry. We have a history of delivering successful events, supporting our clients in driving delegates and audiences whether it be for industry-branded events or ‘intimate’ round tables with like-minded executives.

We listen to your requirements, we engage with you on a consultative level, offering advice and more importantly, delivering the results. Talk to us about how we can help you make the most of your events.

Achieve thought leadership

We all have opinions about the telco and broadcast market and we’d all like to be industry thought leaders standing out in the crowd. eCS’ Roundtable service can allow your own thought leaders and other industry experts to express their opinion in an environment that is laid back yet professional., informative and reputation-enhancing. With our supporting telemarketing activity, eCS can ensure that the correct people are encouraged to register with you. We can help to:

  • Ensure the ‘thought leaders’ you want to participate are identified and encouraged to attend by telemarketing activity, using our extensive database of global telco contacts and our years of experience
  • Control who has access to your ‘private’ Virtual Roundtable and what interaction, if any, you want to allow
  •  Support the Roundtable with a telemarketing follow-up campaign to further qualify the delegates who interacted and showed interest in the topics of the Roundtable

eCS can enable you to dramatically increase the ROI from your investment in a virtual event. With two decades of experience and an unrivalled database of contacts, why not use our recruitment service? We have been recruiting for Telco Roundtables for many years. This source of qualified prospects is not new to us!

To find out more about our Virtual Roundtable service please contact us.

Find the pain points and resonate with your target audience

All too often, prospecting and lead generation campaigns miss the mark because solution providers ‘fly blind’ in their conversations with prospects. At eCS, two decades of experience have taught us that listening is as critical a component of marketing success as how you present yourself. We believe Account Profiling is vital so you end up talking to the right people and to achieve this, we can help you understand your prospects’ organisational structures, pain points, how to locate key decision-makers, and more. Working with us lets you:
  • Save time and costs by quickly homing in on the right target in an organisation, not simply ANY target and hoping you get lucky
  • Hone your marketing messages to deliver content directly relevant to the prospect rather than relying on ‘one-size-fits-all’ content
  • Fine-tune your marketing programmes to fit industry trends, as you quickly identify the hot topics, pressing issues and innovative ‘use cases’ that your prospects are focusing on
eCS Account Profiling streamlines and focuses your outreach efforts, allowing you to spend more time where the best returns are likely to be accrued

Don’t pass go until you have a clean target list

It’s always been axiomatic in marketing that what you say matters less, than who you say it to! 

The most finely crafted value proposition presented to the wrong audience will generally fail…but even a poorly crafted message has a chance of success if it reaches the right targets. Having a clean and up-to-date target list is thus absolutely critical to your marketing success.

However, most vendors struggle to build and maintain a high-level CRM of potential prospects, particularly in a rapidly changing commercial landscape where job changes, mergers, and acquisitions are rife. Until now, the identification of customers and the building of pipelines has often relied on industry events and face-to-face meetings. eCS can change that, delivering new ways to identify potential targets and turn raw strategic information into a funnel of real prospects that sales staff can work with.

Our up-to-date, extensive database is the starting point for homing in on your chosen targets and puts within reach the proper data required to feed your sales team with the raw materials of eventual success.

eCS’ continuously cleaned, up-to-date contact database of c200,000 global executives from within communications service providers (CSP) and other telecoms and broadcast industry players is our ‘special sauce’. It gives our clients the best possible chance for their message to reach those truly interested in hearing what they’ve got to offer and able to act on it.

We can identify the correct individuals within your target CSPs and then fine-tune the information you require about them to enable successful contact and a greater likelihood of getting the response you’re looking for when you talk to them.

With eCS, our clients:

  • Sales teams are able to focus exclusively on the opportunities most likely to progress through the pipeline, with our nurturing of initial contacts certain to maximise your chances of sales success
  • Enable their sales teams to focus when ‘suspect’ enquiries (such as a website download) are nurtured and turned into qualified leads
  • Quickly find the right contact to target within large and often unfamiliar companies for which you may have no organisation charts

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