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eCS: Delivering the qualified leads that drive your business forward

With two decades’ experience in successfully identifying decision-making executives at mobile network operators (MNOs), communications service providers (CSPs) and other companies in the telecoms industry to technology vendors, eCS’ ability to help you reach your sales targets is unrivalled.

Whether it’s qualified leads or confirmed meetings at key industry events, we are the first choice of telecoms hardware and software vendors worldwide who want to build a high-quality sales pipeline and increase both conversions and revenues.

Hit your targets and maximise your marketing ROI 

Put eCS’ unique, continuously scrubbed and up-to-date database of 120,000+ telecoms industry decision-makers to work and maximise the ROI from your marketing spend.

If your target prospects work in telecoms OSS, BSS, Network Operations, Marketing, Value-Added Services or elsewhere at: 

  • Network Operators
  • MNOs
  • Telcos
  • Communications Service Providers
  • MVNOs

…or other telecoms industry businesses, no one can help you reach them as effectively as eCS.

Expertise, Experience, Engagement: Get the eCS advantage

eCS’ unique approach sets us apart. Unlike other agencies who deal in volume, our expertise lies in mastering complex products and solutions and then articulating them clearly to your target market.

We work closely with our clients, with most of whom we have long-standing relationships, to fully understand their business. Our approach to telemarketing builds relationships, ensuring we deliver only carefully qualified, high-quality leads.

eCS clients repeatedly tell us our awareness of their offerings is distinguishable or better than that of in-house teams.

“I’ve worked with eCS for over ten years, with three different BSS suppliers. eCS has consistently delivered results that have dramatically upgraded the quality of our sales pipelines and repeatedly ensured the success of major events. They have established themselves as a cornerstone of my marketing teams.”

“eContact Services helped us get access at the right levels Into hard to reach accounts across Africa and Europe.

The methodology was expertly executed and the bonus was an extensive list of contacts to add to our marketing database”

eCS: Leads to success

With tight marketing budgets and fierce competition defining the rapidly changing telecoms industry landscape, eCS’ range of services puts you in position to achieve your sales and marketing targets and increase your Return on Investment (ROI). We deliver:

Qualified Lead Generation

With years of experience in articulating complex products and solutions to your buying audience, no agency is better placed to turn your raw sales targets into qualified meetings, giving your sales cycle an effective kick-start. MORE>>

Meeting Services

eCS has 20 years of experience, working on behalf of our clients, providing meeting recruitment services at leading trade events across the globe, offering guaranteed outcomes and value for money. Make events a marketing success, by meeting  high-level prospects at chosen targets. MORE>>

Webinar, Seminar and Event Audience Generation

Industry conferences, webinars and other events deliver returns based on the size of the audience who hear your value proposition. With eCS, you don’t have to calculate success after the event. Our clients go into events knowing their meeting schedule is packed and their audience numbers confirmed. MORE>>

Meeting Services

We fill your sales diaries with web or face-to-face meetings on either a single project or an ongoing basis

Qualified Lead Generation

We take the time and steps required to identify the prospects that grow your business

Event Audience Generation

Dramatically increase the ROI from your investment at any industry event

Account Profiling

Save time and cost by quickly honing in on the right targets in an organisation, rather than any target

Inbound Lead Qualification

Better quality leads at the top of the funnel increase the closed deals at the bottom

Data Management

Identify the right contact within large companies for which you have no organisation charts


Connected Worldwide

eContact Services is a telecoms industry relationship builder. We cultivate focused interactions with your potential buyers before we hand a lead over to your sales team. Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business.

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