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Industry Leader in Telco and Broadcast Lead Generation services
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When your goal is increasing sales, your first call has to be eCS
Industry Leader in Telco and Broadcast Lead Generation services
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eCS: Delivering the qualified leads that drive your business forward

With two decades’ experience in successfully engaging with decision-making executives at mobile network
operators (MNOs), communications service providers (CSPs), fixed, FTTx and digital service providers
(DSPs) in the ever evolving industry to technology vendors, eCS’ ability to help you reach your sales
targets is unrivalled.
Whether it’s qualified leads or confirmed meetings at key industry events, we are the first choice of telco
hardware and software vendors worldwide who are looking at bridging the sales gap: reaching new targets
and delivering qualified sales leads, and building a high-quality sales pipeline for both your Sales &
Marketing teams.

5G, Security and Cloud Native, OSS & BSS and Digital Transformation is business critical to Telcos monetising 5G services.

Are you engaged with your targets now?

Hit your targets and maximise your marketing ROI

The only company, in the world, with over 20 years’ experience, working exclusively in the Telco and Broadcast Industry, providing lead generation services. This is our USP! This is why you should be talking to us.

The eCS team has unrivalled industry knowledge making us the perfect partner to navigate the initial sales stages on your behalf – our business is to drive net new lead generation and success for your organization.

Leveraging our extensive in-house database (developed over years of experience) to hone in on target personas in both acquisition and existing accounts, driving new revenue opportunities and broadening reach to strengthen your market position

Our database of 150,000+ contacts is continuously used and cleansed to ensure we have high quality, relevant contacts available to contact on behalf of our clients.

If your target prospects work in telecoms OSS, BSS, Network Operations, Marketing, Business Operations, Product Management, Value-Added Services or elsewhere at: 

          • MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) Quad Play Telcos
          • CSPs (Communications Service Providers)
          • DSPs (Digital Service Providers)
          • MVNOs
          • Wireline, Broadband and FTTx providers
          • Broadcasters

…or other telecoms industry businesses, no one can help you reach them as effectively as eCS.

The eCS team has extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record, making us the perfect partner to navigate the initial sales stages on your behalf – our business is to drive net new lead generation and success for your organisation

A boutique, specialist agency working in partnership with our clients.  We aim to understand your business and tailor campaigns to your exacting requirements – one team, one goal, driving business outcomes.

Expertise, Experience, Engagement: Get the eCS advantage

eCS’ unique approach sets us apart. Unlike other agencies who deal in volume, our expertise lies in mastering complex products and solutions and then articulating them clearly to your target market. Your specialism becomes our focus throughout the campaign.

We work closely with our clients, with most of whom we have long-standing relationships, to fully understand their business. Our approach to telemarketing builds relationships, ensuring we deliver only carefully qualified, high-quality leads.

eCS clients repeatedly tell us our awareness of their offerings is distinguishable or better than that of in-house teams.

The experience we have and the ability to utilise our Industry-specific knowledge, and understanding, has only been made possible by the very fact we are specialists in our field, just as you are in yours. Agencies who divide their attention on multiple vertical markets cannot be specialists. Why waste time with them?

Testament to our ongoing success is the fact that 95% of our clients return to us year on year.

eCS: Leads to success

With tight marketing budgets and fierce competition defining the rapidly changing telecoms industry landscape, eCS’ range of services puts you in position to achieve your sales and marketing targets and increase your Return on Investment (ROI). We deliver:

Virtual Meeting Qualified Lead Generation

With years of experience in articulating complex products and solutions to your buying audience, no agency is better placed to turn your raw sales targets into qualified meetings, giving your sales cycle an effective kick-start. MORE>>

Virtual Meeting Services

eCS has 20 years of experience, working on behalf of our clients, providing meeting recruitment services at leading trade events across the globe, offering guaranteed outcomes and value for money. With the Global shift to “Virtual , eCS did not need to ‘adapt’ and change our approach to allow us to stay at the forefront of Meeting Arrangement for our clients. We already provide the service! Make virtual events a marketing success, by meeting high-level prospects at chosen targets. MORE>>

Virtual Webinar,and Event Audience Generation

Industry conferences, webinars and other events deliver returns based on the size of the audience who hear your value proposition. With the move to Virtual events these audiences are as crucial as ever, if not more so. With eCS, you don’t have to calculate success after the event. Our clients go into events, physical or virtual, knowing their audience numbers are confirmed and, more importantly they are relevant to the topics under discussion. MORE>>

“I’ve been working with eCS for a number of years, as Head of Marketing at three different companies. Focusing on my most recent experience, eCS’ Lead Generation services made a significant and, possibly even more importantly, an immediate difference to our marketing ROI.

Over the course of a year, we ran a number of campaigns targeted at decision-makers segmented regionally, but pretty much covering the entire globe as well as parallel campaigns to support our presence at events (such as Mobile World Congress). This approach, matching relevant products to specific regionalised prospects was executed brilliantly by eCS, obviously with greater returns in some regions than others but with the end result being a considerably expanded sales pipeline and, even better, unlocked opportunities to respond to RFPs and closed business within nine months, a rapid timeframe in our industry. eCS’ cost-per-lead was also significantly lower than our previous experience.

In my view, telemarketing lead generation continues to be a vital weapon in the technology marketers arsenal and two things are required for success. First, it must be leveraged intelligently which means finding the right partner. eCS being highly conversant in the telecoms field was a massive plus. They brought considerable expertise, the sort you don’t expect from an external agency, to bear in their conversations. Secondly, information. eCS was a responsive partner and provided detailed feedback across all campaigns, often overcoming objections as a result.

I would recommend eCS highly to any company that needs to generate business-to-business leads to either repair or expand their sales pipeline.”
CMO Evolving Systems, April 2020

Event Audience Generation – Webinars

With COVID19, much of the world is having to change its way of marketing

Virtual Meeting Qualified Lead Generation

We take the time and steps required to identify the prospects that grow your business

Event Audience Generation – Virtual Roundtables

Have thought leaders and industry experts join in thought provoking conversation

Account Research and Profiling

Save time and cost by quickly honing in on the right targets in an organisation, rather than any target

Expert Contact Qualification

Better quality leads at the top of the funnel increase the percentage of quality closed deals at the bottom

Trade Event Meeting Services

We fill your sales diaries with virtual or face-to-face meetings on either a single project or an ongoing basis

Data and Database Management

Identify the right contact within large companies for which you have no organisation charts


Connected Worldwide

eContact Services is a telecoms industry relationship builder. We cultivate focused interactions with your potential buyers before we hand a lead over to your sales team. Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business.

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