Openet: 5 years of lead generation programme success

"eCS helps convert 50% of digital MQL’s into short term sales opportunities"

“Openet is a world leading Digital BSS company, charging, policy and data management solutions letting CSP’s deliver and prioritise vital communications services to keep people, communities and governments connected.”

“Openet’s CSP engagement strategy has been supported for over 5 years by eCS whose specialists have generated telco account intelligence, leads and fully qualified decision maker event meetings. These business opportunities are typically accelerated and converted by our sales team at Industry gatherings such as MWC or DTW.”

“With physical meetings and conferences cancelled through COVID 19 we reset our blend of GTM tactics to secure FY21 business and rather than change our overarching strategy or messaging the marketing team we simply increased investment in the number and scope of digital engagement tactics and touchpoints – this sustained our brand awareness and generated a huge interest from CSP’s in our solutions and products.”

“We turned to eCS to maximize the ROI from these digital touchpoints and ensure that no CSP lead was left behind. eCS qualified hundreds of inbound contacts generated by our 3rd party content syndication, virtual events, social and display ad activities. As industry specialists with experience of Openet’s solution portfolio and stakeholders, eCS complemented the existing inside sales function helping us qualify, convert or close MQL’s in a consistent, programmatic and accelerated manner so that core business execs could focus on individual high value deals knowing that the wheels of longer term business development were turning. Over a 4 month period, the eCS qualification function clearly linked ROI to each digital tactic with close to 50% of MQLs been immediate opportunities and projects and included an RFP. Our pipeline coverage mid and long term has been protected despite the pandemic thanks to eCS and we are now planning our long term strategy with eCS continuing touchpoint and contact qualification.”

David McGlew, Marketing Director, Openet