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eCS, the Industry Leader in Telco and Broadcast Lead Generation Services has the answer to creating your lead pipeline

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on our industry. With the cancellation of all major industry conferences and all non-essential travel worldwide, how do you build interest in your products and services?

eCS, the global leader in event-related Lead Generation for the communications industry, can step in to replace both your lost events and your lost leads. Our Virtual Event Package lets you work with a company who:

1. Has access an Unrivalled Database of CSP Contacts

2. Invests In considerable time up-front to understand your products, their benefits and your prospects’ pain points. This happens before a single call is made.

3. Utilises 20+ years of experience discussing the technical solutions that address key telecoms industry-use Cases. We’re familiar with the terminology, network architectures and functional requirements that define the OSS/BSS landscape.

4. Uses multi-lingual and culturally aware services. Our clients’ prospects span the globe and our team has been communicating with them in their own languages, sensitive to regional differences, for over a decade.

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We put you in front of the people you need to speak with to create your lead pipeline over the coming months. Call us to find out how we do it.


Virtual Meetings


Virtual Meetings


Virtual Meetings


Virtual Meetings

With our database of over 180,000 CSP contacts, we put you in front of the people you need to speak with to create your lead pipeline over the coming months


Connected Worldwide

eContact Services are telecoms industry relationship builders. We cultivate real relationships with your potential buyers before we hand a lead over to your sales team. Wherever you are in the world, we can help your business.

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