Webinar, Seminar and Event Audience Generation

You’ve invested in the event. Its success depends on who attends. That’s where we come into the picture

Webinars, seminars, round tables, roadshows, and other events all involve significant marketing spend, yet achieving successful outcomes is not easy.

eCS supports its clients by driving delegates and audiences to their events, whether it be own-industry branded events or ‘intimate’ round tables with like-minded executives.

We listen to your requirements, we engage with you on a consultative level, we offer advice based on our extensive experience, and most importantly, we deliver results so your event hits its targets. Talk to us about how we can help you succeed.

eCS can deliver the audience you want for the message you’re delivering. We’ll support your event planning or attendance by:

1.   Identifying/approaching key decision-makers in targeted accounts

2.   Setting up pre-planned, focused, agenda-driven meetings

3.   Providing you with pre-qualified meetings with the right prospects

4.   Delivering insights gained into the prospects

5.   Uncovering their pain points before you meet

6.    Gleaning information through multiple conversations

7.   Doing this in advance of confirming the meeting

eCS is expert in helping to identify the right prospects for an event and then approaching key decision-makers in your specifically targeted accounts to attend. Getting the right audience is the key to a successful event.

We do this by arranging pre-planned, focused, agenda-driven meetings – rather than general, off-the-cuff, introductory sessions with people you don’t necessarily want to meet.

By providing you not only with pre-qualified meetings with the right prospects, but also delivering insights gained into the prospects pain-points before you meet with them (information we glean through multiple conversations in advance of confirming the meeting itself), the final event experience becomes much more beneficial for all parties.

eCS can enable you to dramatically increase ROI from your investment in any industry event. Two decades of experience, along with a database of over 15,000 high-level contacts, has enabled us to fine-tune the best event support package in the telecoms industry.it

“You have done an outstanding job!

I knew about the value of your services, but I needed to convince people internally. From the informal feedback I got, people are just amazed that we (and in particular you) have managed to set up so many meetings ahead of Mobile World Congress..

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