Reviewing Barcelona: two focal points from MWC24

Another Mobile World Congress is in the books, and by all accounts another successful event. It certainly was for us, and for eCS’ clients too. In this blog, we’ll wrap things up by looking at a couple of key themes that emerged from the telco industry’s leading event. Networks APIs… as we’ve already said! In […]

6G mobile: an early look at what’s next

In the world of mobile networks, it’s never too early to think about what’ll happen next! 6G is upon us, just about, and this being telecoms it’s never too early to look further ahead. As those of us who’ve been working in the industry for any length of time know only too well, no sooner […]

5G, 6G and Beyond: A brief guide to self-orchestrating networks

5G, 6G and Beyond

Every generation of mobile network has delivered its own technology advancements, perhaps none more sweeping than those associated with 5G. This manifests in any number of specific ways one of which, self-orchestration, we’ll focus on this blog. It’s central to what makes 5G different. But what is it exactly, and what are the components required […]

Connecting everything: challenges for IoT

Internet of Things

MWC24 will, as ever, explore the key challenges facing the communications industry. In this blog, we’ll make a head start on the discussion by looking at a major theme of the conference: the development of the Internet of Things. You probably don’t need to be told that connected devices are, now, everywhere. Analysts predict there’ll […]

Artificial Intelligence. This is just the beginning.

We hear quite a few terms bandied about these days not all of them well understood, so we thought it’d be worth writing a blog to familiarise ourselves further with one of them; Artificial Intelligence (AI). The term AI has become common, but that doesn’t mean it’s clearly grasped by all so here’s a primer. […]

DDoS – with 5G come questions of security

5G Security

5G is arriving at pace and most of what we hear is the good news. But it brings concerns, too, foremost among them questions of security. As 5G networks roll out, we all know the benefits: faster data speeds, lower latency, and an ever more connected world among them. That’s the good news. On the […]

Results: defining effective lead generation

What’s the best way to turn raw prospects into qualified sales leads, and how do you know exactly which steps to take to reach the right decision? Plus, what can be achieved when you do put the correct strategy in place? The telco domain is hallmarked by intense competition. Telcos themselves battle each other for […]

Is it time for API monetisation?

API monetisation

The concept of API monetisation appears to be gaining traction in the telecoms market. As a result, it’s worth asking whether things could really take off, how the model can be leveraged, and what should we be thinking about the use of commercial APIs? API monetisation is the process of driving revenue to enterprises via […]

Railways communication networks: a big opportunity for telco solution vendors

For vendors of solutions in the telco industry, changes in railway communications networks presently represent a significant commercial opportunity. In this blog, we’ll try to explain why. Why are we talking about trains and telcos? To explain why, let’s start with a bit of history. Over the years, enterprise communications networks have always tended to […]