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EMEA MNO Lead Generation for Network Resource Management


The challenge

eCS was tasked with executing a lead generation campaigns for a technology solution delivered by a leading telecoms software provider.  The campaign sought to identify and confirm meetings with communications service providers in the EMEA region interested in both OSS and Network Resource Management solutions.

The campaign would need to explain the primary features, benefits, and unique value proposition of the client’s products and services. The measured goal of the campaigns was to book meetings with the client’s sales directors, enabling the client to expand its sales pipeline with qualified leads.

The client

eCS’ client is a well-known and highly respected telecommunications technology and solutions provider. It has an array of solutions broadly focused on enabling digital transformation. These enable service providers to plan, design, engineer, monitor, protect and simplify network complexity in a vendor agnostic NFV and SDN ecosystem.In so doing, they enable customers to deliver services and generate revenue from 5G, IoT, AI and Cloud TV technologies.

The campaign

The campaign was initiated in December 2022. It was targeted towards network operators who faced the specific challenge of transforming their legacy OSS platforms to meet the demands of new technologies like 5G, SDN and NFV. eCS was tasked with explaining how the client’s Network Resource Management Suite would enable prospects to manage and provision their hybrid, increasingly autonomous communication networks as those networks continue to evolve.

To identify the best prospects, eCS asked a series of specific questions across both campaigns including what tools the operator currently used for network planning and GIS, what challenges they faced using those tools, what projects they were presently working on to improve network planning and design, and whether any specific 5G launches were slated. Additionally, which areas of the OSS stack were proving challenging in the context of the above?

As an outcome, eCS sought to confirm a follow-up call with its client for the prospect to discuss its network management solution, including inventory and GIS modules at greater length.

Target job titles

  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Head of Networks
  • Mobile and Fixed network manager
  • Head of Network Performance
  • Head of Network Engineering
  • OSS Director
  • Head of Platforms
  • Director, Head of, Managers in related areas.

The results

Target 40 operators for follow-up meetings with the clients’ sales directors:  45% conversion rate to confirmed meeting/qualified sales lead.

Client quote

“Generating pipeline for complex technology solutions in the telecoms industry isn’t easy. There’s a lot of competition and we believe that sales directors are best focused on closing business, not generating pipeline. That’s a specialist skill in itself. To handle lead generation, we chose eContact Services based on their years of experience and understanding of the domains we work in. It proved to be an excellent decision. Both campaigns helped us to fill pipeline with qualified prospects and at the time of writing, those include 3 real, confirmed opportunities with values of Euro350K, Euros144K, and Euros 500K. The RoI on our work with eCS has thus been outstanding.”

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