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Presenting Cloud-based BSS in Europe with a 60% conversion rate


The client

eCS’ client provides a cloud-based BSS suite to enable MVNOs to take ownership of their BSS operations. It also supports smaller MNOs who need to take their BSS into the cloud to reduce their operational costs. The client is an MVNE itself but also has experience of being an MVNO in its past.

The campaign

The client needed to engage with MVNOs and smaller MNOs with whom it had previously struggled to generate any meaningful engagement. To reverse this outcome, it decided to identify an experienced partner with a track record of driving meetings. The client was keenly aware of the requirements from the technical, operational and marketing teams to successfully run an MVNO or small sized MNO but it needed eCS’ help to effectively present and articulate this experience.

Target job titles

CTO, Head of technical Operations, IT Director, Board Director, Head of Voice Telephony, Head of Networks, BSS Manager, BSS and Integrations Manager, Head of Business Enablement Services.

The challenge

eCS would have to explain a product that reduces the complexity, and cost, of BSS operations in a clear and persuasive manner. The product is specifically designed, using the client’s own experiences as an MVNO, to address real world-problems. eCS was asked to target operators across Europe to arrange conference calls to discuss the solution in depth. As this was aimed at smaller Operators the number of relevant, decision-making contacts within these companies would be significantly smaller than in larger organisations. eCS was able to overcome this challenge using contact information from its extensive database aligned with a deep understanding of the market and the necessary skills and attributes required to find and qualify these contacts.

The results

With a 60% conversion rate, the client noted that eCS’ ability to execute marketing campaigns successfully far exceeded its own in-house expertise in the lead-generation domain.

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