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A global campaign to establish a new solution for consolidating telecoms inventory and network data


The challenge

eContact Services (eCS) has worked on behalf of General Electric (GE) for over 6 years, during which it completed several highly successful telemarketing lead generation campaigns for GE Smallworld, a GE subsidiary, both in the Telco and Utilities sector, promoting their Physical Network Inventory solution. eCS supports GE with a proactive approach to generating new business in the role of Go-To-Market partner, initially in EMEA. This has been a successful 6-year partnership, extending into different regions and supporting additional solutions within the GE divisions. In April 2020, eCS was awarded a global contract to provide lead generation services to GE Digital, the umbrella name for GE’s offerings to both Telco & Utilities market(s). In 2022, the contract was further extended. GE Digital has adopted the telemarketing approach rather than the heavy event investment and usual digital marketing tactics often seen in the industry, as telemarketing has been the most effective way of generating a qualified lead, both from a commercial and qualitative point of view and the ROI has shown to be higher than alternative lead generation investments.

The client

GE offers comprehensive solutions for end-to-end support of the business processes required to efficiently manage network infrastructures. These innovative software solutions are based on GE’s proven geospatial Smallworld Core platform. GE’s Smallworld Physical Network Inventory solution is a proven market-leading solution used by over 150 Competitive Service Providers worldwide. Additionally, through an industry partnership, GE provides an OSS tool, that integrates seamlessly with GE Smallworld, to consolidate inventory and network data, providing a fully comprehensive overview of the network.

The campaign

The objective of the campaigns was to stimulate interest and brand awareness and conduct proactive telemarketing campaigns to reach specific, nominated target accounts and job personas. Product training was provided by GE, with consultation by eCS on the marketing messaging and metrics for prospects. eCS is adept in presenting the client’s technology and identifying the target organisation’s challenges and pain points. The campaign(s) were executed over several weeks or months with regular reporting to GE.

Meetings booked with

MD Architecture and Planning
Head of Networks
Head of Network Architecture
Head of OSS
Head of Architecture
Head of Build
VP Fixed Networks
Group OSS Manager
OSS Domain Manager
Principal Network Architect

The results

With no exception, eCS has delivered a 70% success rate for each campaign, where the objective was to provide a qualified lead, i.e., the correct job persona for the specific solution, discussing the GE proposition and conveying the correct messaging and arranging meetings/presentations with the target as well as gather business intelligence.

Client view

“The impact that Tracy and eCS has had on our ability to penetrate the right leaders within our target customers has been nothing short of transformational. Tenacious in their approach and professional in their customer interactions, I look forward to working with Tracy and her team as we execute further sales campaigns in the future.
Tracy is well connected with OSS and Network Operation contacts in communication service providers and is able to engage independent software vendors with these contacts, where there is a potential solution fit. The level and rate of lead generation is impressive, and relevant to the brief provided”
GE Digital

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