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Delivering a service assurance solution targeted at operators launching 5G networks


Learn how eCS qualified prospects and set up meetings for a product aimed at operators with cloud-native and newly launched 5G networks.

Mobile network operators must understand how their customers are using the network in order to better serve their needs. eCS’ clients service assurance solution provides critical advantages in areas like understanding customer experience, improved troubleshooting, and leveraging AI-driven insights. We were tasked with helping to bring the solution to market, booking meetings with qualified prospects.

Two campaigns to drive sales for a 5G service assurance solution

The challenge

eCS was tasked with generating sales leads in the EMEA region from within a target audience of telecoms operators who were in the process of launching their 5G networks. Tier 1 operators and operator groups who were more advanced in their 5G network planning at the time of the campaign were deemed priority targets.

The goal of the campaign was to book virtual meetings with prospects. In the event, the campaign was so successful that the client rolled out a second campaign, to book in-person meetings at MWC23.

The client

eCS’ client delivers service assurance solutions for telecoms operators who are transitioning to 5G and deploying cloud-native networks. The company’s products provide automated assurance so users gain wide visibility into their 5G networks. This allows them to better understand customer experience, to improve troubleshooting, and to benefit from AI-driven insights.

The campaign

To successfully run a 5g service assurance campaign, the eCS team needed to gain a deep understanding of both the clients’ solutions and the landscape of the wider market in order to correctly identify its prospects’ pain points and then present effective ways to address them.

Doing this required an understanding of and an ability to present the advantages of a fully cloud-native and automated network assurance product capable of performing to scale in dynamic environments including public, private, and hybrid clouds.  It also required an understanding of network monitoring (4G and 5G NSA/SA) and how solutions can improve network quality and monitor customer experience while being able to detect anomalies and perform root cause analysis.

For over twenty-five years, eCS has been successfully meeting challenges for technology companies, working with clients who have complex, niche products that are demanding to present to prospects in a clear and compelling way.

Target job titles

  • CTO
  • VP Networks
  • VP Network Operations
  • Head of 5g
  • Head of Network
  • Head of Network Assurance, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring, OSS, Network Planning
  • Responsibility for RAN, 5g, Network Automation, Planning

The results

Campaign 1 – October 2022: Target 20 operators for virtual meetings with 5g network operators in Western and Easter Europe: 48% conversion rate to qualified sales lead.

Campaign 2: February 2023: Target 20 operators for in-person meetings at MWC23, targeting global network operators:  80% conversion rate to confirmed meeting.

Client quote

“In a highly competitive market for complex technology products, effective lead generation requires both understanding and expertise. To succeed, you have to be able to both present persuasively AND understand what you’re presenting. That means a rare combination of skills are required. Thankfully, econtact services had both; a proven track record generating sales leads and a team that was able to understand and clearly articulate what we do, in a niche market.”


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