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Delivering a solution that automates and intelligently operates Network Operations

intelligent network operations solution for telcos

Learn how eCS qualified prospects and set up meetings for a product aimed at modernizing the traditional Network Operations Center.

Mobile network operators in a changing landscape should be moving towards a leaner network operation. One way to achieve this is through a “dark NOC”, which requires operators to have a more capable operations function. It can be achieved by automating and intelligently operating network operations, ultimately with little or no human interaction. We were tasked with helping to bring to market a solution that did just this, booking meetings with qualified prospects.

Two campaigns to drive sales for a 5G service assurance solution

The challenge

eCS was tasked with generating sales leads in the Middle East from within a target audience of wireless telecoms operators.

The goal of the campaign was to book meetings with prospects to promote an AIOPs solution that would enrich the telcos AIOps capabilities with subscriber-centric information, enhancing their decision-making processes through the use of Artificial Intelliigence. The solution could be deployed stand-alone or alongside the client’s broader product portfolio.

The client

eCS has been providing lead generation services for the client since 2020. They are a global organisation who target different sectors, CSPs being just one of them. The company has a wide range of solutions across the network architecture and eCS has been supporting the client with delivering campaigns for different solutions. In particular, the client enables operators to accelerate network time to value and ROI, reduce churn, increase automation, reduce OPEX, and enable new revenue streams by leveraging subscriber-centric geolocated information in alignment with privacy regulations.

The campaign

To successfully run the campaign, the eCS team needed to gain a deep understanding of both the clients’ solutions and the landscape of the wider market in order to correctly identify its prospects’ pain points and then present effective ways to address them.

In a changing landscape, eCS was able to articulate how network operators are moving towards a leaner Network operation in the form of Dark NOC. This requires the operators to have a more capable operations function and the client, through their AiOps tool Nitro provides this through tools that allow the movement to Dark NOC by automating and intelligently operating the network operations with little or no human interaction. As the system grows in understanding the requirement for human interaction is further reduced until no humans are involved at all in the operation.

For over twenty-five years, eCS has been successfully meeting challenges for technology companies, working with clients who have complex, niche products that are demanding to present to prospects in a clear and compelling way.

Target job tiles

• Chief Network Officer
• Chief Technical Officer
• Chief Information Officer
• Chief Operations Officer
• Head/Director/Manager of RAN/Core/Fixed Network
• Head/Director/Manager of Network Performance
• Head/Director/Manager of Network Monitoring
• Head/Director/Manager of Network Operations
• Head/Director/Manager of NOC

The results

Target 20 operators for meetings with 11 meetings confirmed. 55% conversion rate to qualified sales lead.

Client quote

“Technology is moving at pace, and Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed to deliver many innovative ways to manage telecom network operations. However, presenting new and different solutions to old problems is never straightforward, as it requires an ability to articulate both the innovation itself and the problem it solves. We’ve been working with eCS for many years so we were confident that they would be able to do both and help us bring our solution to market in a target geography successfully. And once again, they delivered with a campaign that met all our expectations”.

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