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Lawful Intercept and Data Retention: Exceeding expectations while meeting a complex campaign challenge


The client

eCS’s client is a British multi-national organisation, ranked the seventh-largest in the world based on applicable 2021 revenues. Our client is a global leader in Defence and Security solutions for many vertical markets.

The campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to expand the client’s customer base in the telecoms market for its AI leading edge Lawful Intercept and Data Retention products. eCS was chosen to carry out the campaign because of its extensive experience in the telco industry and because the client believed that its targeted, voice led approach would be particularly effective in verbally engaging prospects leading to meaningful conversations rather than superficial pitches. In addition, our client wasn’t well known for providing solutions specifically for network operators, therefore voice marketing was important to them.

Meetings booked with

Head of Crime Regulation & Prevention, Senior Head Of Infrastructure & Core Network, Senior Security Manager and Head of protective security, Executive Director Information Security, Director Network Procurement, and others.

The challenge

The voice-led campaign targeted specific personas at CSPs across both the Americas and Europe who would have an interest in telecoms risk and compliance and Lawful Intercept and Data Retention issues. The challenge with Lawful Intercept was that the responsibility for this solution is deeply embedded in the CSP due to subject sensitivity. The eCS-led campaign focused on raising awareness of the pitfalls of leaving lawful intercept compliance in the hands of suppliers, particularly if the operator wishes to move to a multi-vendor open network in the future, which can become very costly. eCS’ was charged with explaining how its client could help address multiple complex compliance challenges as evolved networks to 5G, allowing a more efficient launch of new services to end customers. The solution being presented included features such as 5G identity association, enhanced location, high speed buffering and fast track retrieval as part of the core product.

Using eCS’s extensive in-house database of global CSPs we were able to identify our client’s key prospects. The selection was based on target account, job persona, and profile. Contact with these individuals was prioritised for the call-out stage of the campaign.

The results

eCS targeted 30 prospect accounts and guaranteed a minimum success rate of 30% or 10 qualified lead meeting. eCS delivered 16 qualified lead meetings, a result rate of 53%. The client was delighted with the campaign as it exceeded their expectations. eCS’s voice led outreach created brand awareness with contacts who otherwise were unaware of the client’s capability in the Telecoms sector.

The client commented that ‘eCS definitely found the right team’ and ‘ just in time to secure the RFPs it needed’.

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