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Offset Digital Fatigue and Pep Up Your Telecoms Pipeline

Digital fairy dust

Optimize your telecom marketing mix with a human touch

Vendor GTM strategies have pivoted heavily towards “digital” with content syndication, webcasts and display adverts now earmarked to generate everything from brand awareness to business leads.

But…as vendors fight for telco decision-maker mindshare the sheer volume of digital investment is for many delivering no more than a veil of “white noise” where AQL’s multiply but none mature, and audiences are too digitally drained to engage.

eCS cuts to the chase of your digital intent and accelerates demand generation by adding a human touch to telecom business development. We qualify and accelerate vital contacts and warm leads to become real business opportunities linked to telecom marketing investments.

3 proven human touch tactics to accelerate the success of your digital marketing mix:

Targeted Virtual Webinar Delegate Recruitment

We research, speak to and deliver registrants from your target company profiles to avoid the risk of competitor/low value registrations and secure engagement with quality audiences.

Post Virtual Event Registrant Follow-up

We personally, yet systematically, qualify delegates and “no shows” for further interest, delivering opportunities and organisational insights for actionable ROI and project intelligence simply by connecting “in person”.

Qualification of Digital Content Engagement Contacts

We convert multiple digital touchpoints into qualified leads. By reaching out directly to people of interest who interact with your whitepapers, reports, linked mailers and surveys. We deliver long term pipeline coverage and mid-term opportunities.
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