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Campaign to book meetings at an industry event for an NWDAF solution


The challenge

eCS has worked with this client for over 7 years, supporting the sales and marketing of its mediation and data processing solution with lead generation activity designed to increase the company’s footprint in telcos globally.

As the result of a new partnership between the client and a 3rd party, eCS was tasked with executing a two-stage lead generation campaign to support a complex technology solution delivered by two leading solution providers working in partnership with each other.  The campaign would need to explain the primary features, benefits, and unique value proposition of a new, disruptive solution unlike legacy offerings already in the market.

The goal of the campaign was to book virtual meetings with a tightly qualified group of prospects at a key industry event, in this case Digital Transformation World 22.

The client

Two leading AI and data management companies joined forces to deliver a 5G Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). Their combined offering provides a more flexible alternative to the traditional black-box or hard-coded solutions products already offered by network equipment providers (NEPs). Both companies are market leaders in their respective areas of expertise, with extensive experience in building revenue and operational solutions for telecoms operators.

The campaign

The two companies had a joint go-to-market plan for their NWDAF solution that involved both awareness and lead generation activities. eCS kicked off the two-pronged campaign at the Digital Transformation World event, DTW22. There, eCS utilised its extensive in-house contact database of more than 200K telco contacts to identify prospects and then enacted a telemarketing informed by its 25 years’ experience.

The objective was to book physical meetings at DTW22 and where a relevant target job profile was not attending, to book virtual meetings instead.  This campaign was part of a broader programme that aimed to set up qualified meetings with 30 selected accounts from a defined target community.

To qualify prospects and deliver a successful campaign, eCS had to deliver meetings with prospects who had a defined need and project for NWDAF as part of their 5G strategy and plans, within an 18-month period as well as a defined need and project specific to closed-loop automation.

Target job titles

  • CTIO
  • Network Operations Director
  • OSS Director
  • 5G Core Manager
  • 5G Innovation/New Products Director
  • Big Data Director
  • Head of Analytics

The results

30 target operators, eCS delivered 16 qualified meetings/conference calls.

Client quote

“Trade events require significant marketing investment, and their ROI is very much dependent on meeting the right prospects when you’re at the show. Ideally, you want to know in advance, so you can prepare, that you’ll be spending time with companies who have an established need for your solution, the budget to acquire it, and a specific challenge or problem that you can solve. Plus, you’ll be talking to decision-makers who can green light moving ahead. On all these counts, eContact Services was able to deliver what we were looking for as a result of which DTW22 was a resounding success.”

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