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Campaign to book meetings for a Retail and Omni-Channel Solution for Telcos


The challenge

eCS has been assisting its client in a specialist domain for over eight years. The company in question provides a variety of different solutions that help Communications Service Providers manage different aspects of their retail operations. The client’s products are mainly targeted at established CSPs in the European and NAM regions, including several tier-1 brands. All have significant retail outlet presences.

The goal of the campaign in question has, since its inception, been to book qualified sales meetings with targeted prospects. Between 2020 and 2022, during the pandemic, the client increased its reliance on eCS as a source of new business leads due to COVID-19 and after Coronavirus abated, such had been the positive results that the increased campaign flow continued.

The client

The client’s products are in domains including customer engagement, retail outlet management, enterprise stock control, and e-commerce. The company offers both software and services, and essentially provide a one-stop solution from which CSPs can run all aspects of their retail and omni-channel operations.

In total, the client presently has more than 30,000 deployed store installations at telcos in over 25 countries, serving 200 million subscribers.

The campaign

Prior to the pandemic in 2020, eCS had already been successfully working with the client over a five-year period, with telemarketing proving to be an effective adjunct to other marketing efforts such as conference attendance and face-to-face meetings at leading trade events. The pandemic, and lockdowns, forced the revision of its strategy.

Knowing that it already worked successfully with eCS, the client believed at the start of the pandemic that eCS could play a key role in identifying new business opportunities that could not at the time be sourced through its traditional marketing approaches. As a result, the eCS relationship was expanded and eCS became a key partner in maintaining the required flow of qualified sales leads throughout the COVID-19 period.

eCS own contact database of over 200,000 telco contacts was and continues to be a critical aspect of campaign success. It allowed the client to have meaningful engagements with targeted prospects that might otherwise be inaccessible, particularly at a time when the client had no means of building its target database through events and face-to-face meetings.

Target job titles

  • CCO
  • CIO
  • Head / Director / Manager of Retail
  • Head / Director / Manager of Commercial Operations
  • Head / Director / Manager of Customer Experience
  • Head / Director / Manager of Operations & Strategy
  • Head / Director / Manager of Channels
  • Head / Director / Manager of Performance
  • Head / Director / Manager of BSS Solutions
  • Head / Director / Manager of Business Processes
  • Head / Director / Manager of Digital Transformation
  • Head of Omni-Channel

The results

Most recent campaign – 30 CSPs targeted and qualified for sales meetings, with 40% conversion rate to qualified sales lead.

Client quote

“The pandemic presented us with significant challenges in continuing to grow our business and meet our sales targets. Thankfully, eContact Services was able to proactively connect us with good quality leads throughout the period of lockdown and, furthermore, accurately expand our opportunity pipeline. Their many years of experience in the telco industry in our view, significantly sets them apart from other lead generation agencies we have partnered with. We considered an in-house team in recent months, but knowing the challenges training and retaining staff, especially in a niche sector such as ours, strategy decision fixed on continual reliance on the eCS team”.

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