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Generating sales meetings with qualified prospects for a cloud infrastructure solution


The challenge

eCS was tasked with generating qualified sales meetings with executives at telecoms operators for whom addressing the general industry decline in ARPU was a priority. The solution eCS promoted can help them achieve this via its Local Public Cloud solution, which includes three separate components that provide insight into the end-customer’s experience, thereby helping the operator to reduce churn.

The client

The client’s solution provides a cost-effective alternative to to Public Cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. It can also run as a local public cloud on the operator’s own infrastructure which enables greater local control, adherence to domestic data location rules, and no third-party dependencies. The solutions can increase margins to around 50% and is easy for operators to deploy.

The campaign

For operators, the task of reducing churn and reversing declining ARPU is a mission-critical challenge. Failure to retain customers is often a by-product of failing to understand their experience on the network. Today, many operators are moving to cloud infrastructures but face a key choice in deciding how to do so. Often, they settle on hyperscalers like AWS and Google, but these deliver low margins. Furthermore, they also often preclude the opportunity of exploiting local government and enterprise opportunities which need to be supported with richer, more easily managed, and easier-to-engage-with services. The campaign sought to explain the benefits of building a cloud business platforms delivering high value on dimensions of customer engagement, monetization, and financial monitoring, cloud functionality, security and regulatory compliance, and distributed cloud management.

Target job titles

Head of Cloud Services
Head of Enterprise services
Product Management Director
Director of New Products & Services
Head of Sales
…and others in B2B, Enterprise, Public Sector, Government and other verticals.

The results

30 operators targeted. 53% success rate, with sales meetings booked

Client view

“We know that operators are scrambling to reverse ARPU declines but need to identify the most effective ways to do that. So, while it can be easy to get the prospect’s attention, successfully explaining the advantages of a particular approach can be challenging. eCS was able to take this task on with great success. Their understanding of the telecoms industry was a real asset and led to the achievement of exceptional results for the campaign”.

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