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Identifying opportunities to monetize the increasing flow of network data


The challenge

eCS was tasked with identifying sales opportunities and then providing qualified leads with decision-making executives at telecoms operators faced with overcoming business, technical, and organizational challenges related to handling exponentially growing data volumes the value of which they need to be able to fully monetize. Technology advances like 5G are accelerating the need for transformative solutions to these problems.

The client

eCS’ customer enables operators to accelerate network time to value and ROI, reduce churn, increase automation, reduce OPEX, and enable new revenue streams by leveraging subscriber-centric geolocated information in alignment with privacy regulations. By leveraging and accurately geolocating call records, the client’s solution deliver actionable insights into customer experience and network performance anytime, anywhere.

The campaign

The campaign sought to explain how geolocation capability allows operators to view more granular information about their subscribers’ experience across all call segments, 24*7. This required presenting both standard network performance functionalities and GIS overlays in a clear and connected way. The client’s solutions record network information at the cell level. With it, users can achieve far greater precision in the data they collect, information which can be used to improve how use cases are delivered, to increase opportunities to monetize network data, to find opportunities for increased automation, or to increase other operational activities. Cloud-native and powered with AI, the solution automates key operational activities from site deployment to optimization across 2G to 5G networks for any RAN vendor. eCS needed to present a complex and broad pitch to a very specific target audience.

Target job titles

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Network Officer
Head/Director/Manager of Mobile Radio Access
Head / Director / Manager of Radio Engineering
Head / Director / Manager of Radio Optimization
Head / Director / Manager of Service Management Center / SOC
Head / Director / Manager of Big Data
Head / Director / Manager of Analytics
Head / Director / Manager of Customer Experience Management The results

Client view

GIS is an opportunity to transform the quality and potential of network data. Presenting GIS-augmented solutions requires an understanding of both network experience and GIS itself meaning that the lead generation process requires an understanding of not just one but two domains. eCS has an outstanding grasp of the telecoms industry and this enabled a highly successful campaign to be run, fully explaining the benefits of our solution to prospective customers.”

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