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Building sales pipeline for an Internet Quality of Experience solution


The challenge

eCS was tasked with generating qualified sales leads from a prospect list of executives at Internet providers for whom improving their customers’ quality of experience was a priority. The targets had to have a demonstrated need in the domain, identifiable pain-points that eCS would unearth, a budget to acquire a solution, and a readiness to purchase one within a limited time period of a few months. The goal of the campaign was to book and confirm meetings with these prospects.

The client

eCS’ client offers products that measure the perceived quality of experience of an Internet subscriber in relation to the connected services provided by their supplier. The company’s platform helps the supplier (Internet provider) improve issue resolution by upgrading its decisioning processes. It automatically discovers connected devices and the apps they are consuming, provides quantification of the quality of experience of each user, and the generation of new data that drives insights into subscriber experience.

The campaign

For Internet Providers, a lack of visibility into the experience of their home internet subscribers is problematic. Failure to identify the root-causes of service-related issues results in frustration and, ultimately, churn. To generate interest in the client’s solution, the eCS team had to present a Decision Intelligence, SaaS platform that delivers a clear, measurable understanding of the quality of experience of Internet in the home, setting the stage to deliver better optimized and personalized services. Campaign targets were focused on the EMEA region and were primarily drawn from tier 2/3 service providers with customer bases between 500K and 2.5M. For over twenty-five years, eCS has been successfully meeting challenges like this, working with clients who have complex, niche technology products that are demanding to present to prospects in a clear and compelling way.

Target job titles

Head of Broadband
Head of Fixed Broadband
Head of Network Experience, Fixed
Head of Product Reliability, Fixed
Head of Connectivity, Speed & Reliability, Fixed
Product Management, Consumer Fixed Connectivity Products (CoE)
Product Manager Connectivity
Director Home Broadband
Head of Broadband Service Development
TV and Broadband manager
…and others.

The results

Target 30 operators: 60% success rate converting prospect to qualified sales lead.

Client view

“Effectively ensuring quality of subscriber experience is a table stakes requirement if you want to be successful as an Internet provider. But explaining how this can be achieved and which solutions offer the best approach can be a difficult task. You need to be able to explain and understand the domain in addition to simply marketing products. The ability to do both of those things underpinned our highly successful campaign with eCS.”

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