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Booking meetings for a Customer Experience solution


The challenge

eCS was tasked with generating meetings with targeted telco customer service executives who had decision and budget responsibility. Generally, the campaign focused on larger operators and operator groups. The goal of the campaign was to book and confirm meetings with these prospects.

The client

eCS’ client delivers solutions that enable telcos to generate better customer experiences via automated troubleshooting and improved malfunction resolution. The company’s core product presently resolves around 40 million customer problems per year for its users. Supplementary products address omnichannel marketing, CEX generation, and customer service efficiency.

The campaign

To successfully run a customer experience campaign, the eCS team needed to gain a deep understanding of both the clients’ solutions and the landscape of the wider market in order to correctly identify the client’s prospects’ pain points and then present effective ways to address them. The campaign focused on articulating how the client’s technical expertise enables telco teams to focus on improving the Customer Experience they offer. By providing a proven, functional, enabling technology to support this goal, telcos using the client’s solution can focus on creating differentiated service offerings, developing new products, and otherwise winning market share in a highly competitive landscape. For over twenty-five years, eCS has been successfully meeting challenges like this, working with clients who have complex, niche technology products that are demanding to present to prospects in a clear and compelling way.

Target job tiles

Head of Customer Service Automation
Head of Digital Customer Service
Head of digital IT solutions for customer relationship
Head of Customer Care
Head of Customer Service
Head of Customer Support
Head of Technical Customer Support
Head of Digital Customer Experience
Head of Automated Assurance
Head of service assurance
…and others.

The results

Target 20 meetings successfully met with a 45% conversion rate from raw lead. Three further campaigns now completed in 2023.

Client view

“As the telecoms market becomes more and more competitive, providing great customer experience is a critical differentiator. Great products and great services are the core of a winning strategy and telcos know this. However, they have choices when it comes to building their infrastructures so the challenge for us is to stand out from the crowd. With an experienced, insightful and highly qualified partner like eCS, we’ve been able to do this successfully.”

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