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Generating qualified leads for a testing and monitoring solution


Learn how eCS delivered qualified leads for a testing and monitoring solution that helps reduce customer activation timeframes and speeds up time-to-revenue.

Maximising RoI from FTTX network investments requires fast activation and a straightforward path to revenues. eCS was tasked with generating qualified leads for a testing and monitoring solution proven to deliver these benefits.

Accelerating time-to-revenue via improved customer activation with two campaigns targeted at altnets and mobile carriers in Europe

The challenge:

eCS was tasked with generating qualified leads with companies interested in accelerating time-to-revenue via more rapid customer activation. Two campaigns for the same solution were commissioned, one focused at Alt-nets in Germany and the other focused on mobile operators across Europe.

FTTX network return on investment (ROI) depends on activating customers quickly and achieving positive cash flow sooner rather than later. Typical fiber network construction methods result in double digit levels of defects, and this leads to expensive rework, failed network activations, delayed billing, and unhappy customers.

eCS was challenged with explaining that there is an opportunity to take a new approach, by building quality into the network at every step of construction.

To do this, we had to demonstrate how prospects could reduce initial quality defects to less than 1% and reduce repair and rework costs by as much as 90%, while at the same time accelerating customer activations.

The client:

eCS’ client designs and delivers complete systems for testing and monitoring FTTX networks, with portable test devices paired with automated, centralized test heads and a web-based console to track network build progress and report test data.

Through a mix of centralized, automated testing and on-demand testing with portable test units, or as a little as a smartphone,  the clients technology can validate 100% of the FTTX network during build-out, catching early the defects that prevent or delay network activation.

The campaign:

eCS’ client is a market leader in testing fiber optic networks that deliver a flexible, scalable solution for testing FTTX networks during construction and activation, while also providing ongoing performance monitoring. Its Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring solution has been successfully deployed by national, regional, and local FTTX network operators, delivering initial quality to millions of FTTX subscribers at unprecedented pace and scale.

The campaign needed to demonstrate how the solution has enabled FTTX providers to automatically track build progress and quality in real-time, leveraging the client’s patented 5-star rating for network optimization and forgoing the need for manual reconciliation of test data with network inventory.

eCS also needed to articulate how its client has worked with FTTX network operators of all sizes across Europe—and around the world— to offer a fresh approach to the challenge of scaling fiber network construction and activation on aggressive schedules, while delivering “first time right” build quality and happy subscribers. Its innovative approach allows network operators to generate considerable results in months instead of years—contributing positively to current financial targets for operating expenses and cash flow.

Target job title:

  • VP, Directors, Managers of network planning / engineering
  • Construction manager; Network architect
  • Testing & Monitoring
  • Head of Fiber Network, Fixed
  • CEO / Managing Director for Alt-Nets


German altnets campaign: target accounts 20 – 9 leads delivered

Mobile operators campaign: target 15 operators, 12 leads delivered

Client quote:

“eCS delivered outstanding results – converting opportunities at a rate of 60% over two campaigns and far exceeding our expectations. They were able to do this by clearly explaining our technology and its value to prospects, something that is not always easy to do when we’ve tried to generate leads in-house. It’s clear to us that eCS brings a level of expertise to the early stages of the sales process that perhaps we had underestimated before”.


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