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Lead generation campaign for a wi-fi performance improvement solution


Learn how eCS booked proof-of-concept meetings for a new, smart antenna solution that upgrades the performance of wi-fi routers. A 50% success rate exceeded the client’s expectations.

With a new solution to solve a familiar problem, eCS’ client sought opportunities to demonstrate its product to the market via confirmed POCs with prospective customers. To successfully deliver these meetings, an understanding of both the problem and the solution was required.

Driving proof-of-concept projects with established prospects for a smart antenna solution that improves Wi-Fi device performance.

The challenge:

eCS was tasked with generating business meetings with companies that wanted to start a Proof-of-Concept (POC) evaluation of a smart antenna solution for Wi-Fi routers. Our client has a low-cost smart antenna offering that is capable of actively modifying the radiation pattern to maximize a wireless devices’ link quality.

The client’s smart antenna for WI-FI routers provides the best possible wireless coverage by removing typical blind spots of standard antenna systems, 20-30% average speed increases and up to 2-3x peak throughput increases at mid-low radio strength (RSSI) levels, and it makes the wireless link insensitive to router placement/orientation with respect to the client device (smartphone, laptop, tablet). The value proposition is essentially “set-it and forget it”.

The client sought to confirm at least seven meetings with prospects who had a confirmed interest in its products as a result of the campaign.

The client:

eCS’ client, headquartered in North America, designs and sells advanced antenna solutions. These aim to address the most critical shortcomings of leading wireless system vendor’s products such as WiFi, LTE/5G, IoT, RFID and other RF devices in order to deliver an unprecedented wireless experience.

They solve a major problem. WiFi coverage in home is one of the key challenges for broadband router providers.  Many issues can affect the performance of WiFi signals in home that include changing building materials, RF interference, blind spots, signal degradation and distance from the source (router). These are addressed by the client’s smart antenna solution.

The campaign:

A major problem facing the manufacturers of the routers is the cost associated with more capable wireless antennas when they need to keep the costs of their products down. eCS’ client therefore developed a low-cost antenna that can be used with any/all routers and sits at a price point that does not make it too costly for operators to absorb.

eCS’ campaign had to articulate how this was achieved. The “smart antenna” increases Wi-Fi coverage by actively modifying radiation patterns to increase the link quality to end devices.  It helps remove “blind spots” and increases speed and peak throughput rates.  It also addresses the issue of poor positioning in the home.

The client works with Tier 1 operators and hyperscalers to improve Wi-Fi transmission capabilities Its customers have seen a reduction in truck rolls and customer service calls dealing with poor customer Wi-Fi by up to 15% and also reduced churn by up to 15% on those customers who cited poor WIFI connection as their reason for leaving.

Target job title:

  • Product/project manager
  • Dir/VP product management
  • R&D / Research and Development (for Wi-Fi, router, CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)
  • Head of Broadband
  • Head of Fixed
  • Head of Home/In-home Services
  • Head of Residential services
  • Broadband/Fibre Product Manager
  • Head of Product Management – for broadband/fixed/FTTx
  • Head of New Products and Services


Target 20 operators
Delivered 10 qualified leads

Client quote:

“We met eCS at NetworkX in 2022 and used their services in July 2023 for a lead generation campaign targeting European and NAM accounts. We went through an extremely efficient process right from the start of the campaign with helpful briefings and set up sessions. This lead to more than satisfactory results, exceeding the number of leads that we were guaranteed. We will definitely be using eCS again.”

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