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Qualifying prospects for a geolocation solution that exposes network activity


Discover how eCS booked meetings with qualified prospects for a geolocation solution that helps CSPs understand their customers’ activity on the network.

If you’re operating a mobile network, the more you understand about how your customers are using the network, the better you can serve their needs. eCS’ clients geolocation solution provides critical insights in this area and we were tasked with helping to bring the solution to market, booking meetings with qualified prospects.

Geolocation: Understanding subscriber activity on the network

The challenge

eCS was tasked with identifying sales opportunities and then providing qualified leads with decision-making executives at telecoms operators facing the challenge of deploying, optimising and operating their mobile networks more efficiently. To do this, eCS presented a geo intelligence and automation solution that would enable operators to accelerate network ROI by better understanding activity on their networks.

The client

eCS has been providing lead generation services for the client since 2020. They are a global organisation who target different sectors, CSPs being just one of them. The company has a wide range of solutions across the network architecture and eCS has been supporting the client with delivering campaigns for different solutions. In particular, the client enables operators to accelerate network time to value and ROI, reduce churn, increase automation, reduce OPEX, and enable new revenue streams by leveraging subscriber-centric geolocated information in alignment with privacy regulations.

The campaign

The campaign sought to explain the advantages of the client’s subscriber-centric geolocation suite which can automate key operational use cases from site deployment to RAN optimization across 2G to 5G networks and increase teams’ efficiencies.

By continuously leveraging and geolocating calls records already sitting in their networks, the suite is able to reveal true customer experience and turns this into information that can be used in many ways by other internal systems and/or monetized to external parties.

eCS was able to demonstrate how the solution allows operators to monitor QoS and QoE of network/end users. Using the solution, the RAN can be optimized based on usage/over usage, cell conditions and other factors. It also enables the disabling of cell sites, reducing bandwidth/capability on a tower depending on capacity requirements so huge energy consumption savings can be made, which the client has shown can be millions of dollars.

Target job titles

  • Chief technology officer
  • Chief Network Officer (start with GEO script)
  • Head/Director/Manager of Mobile Radio Access
  • Head of RAN / Radio Access Network
  • Head / Director / Manager of Radio Engineering
  • Head / Director / Manager of Radio Optimization
  • Head / Director / Manager of Service Management Center / SOC
  • Head / Director / Manager of Big Data
  • Head / Director / Manager of Analytics
  • Head / Director / Manager of CEM

The results

30 operators targeted
16 converted to qualified sales lead

Client quote

“Our GEO solution allows operators to optimise and automate the radio access network and accelerates new 5g sites time-to-market with faster and fully automated site verification. eCS, with its extremely effective campaign management process, was quickly able to present and explain it benefits and this led a successful outcome, easily exceeding our lead generation goals.”

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