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Results: defining effective lead generation


What’s the best way to turn raw prospects into qualified sales leads, and how do you know exactly which steps to take to reach the right decision? Plus, what can be achieved when you do put the correct strategy in place?

The telco domain is hallmarked by intense competition. Telcos themselves battle each other for customers, often in saturated markets, while the vendors who provide the enabling technologies they require to make sure networks perform optimally also battle for business.

For the latter, suppliers of technology products and services, the foundation of their success is the qualified lead. From these early-stage entries into the sales pipeline, closed business eventually results. Yet qualified leads are not only hard to find but, all too often, sourcing them requires a skill set that isn’t native to the organization that requires them. This creates a problem.


It (the problem) can be characterised in simple terms like this; vendors commonly rely on marketing departments whose primary expertise lies in branding and messaging, and sales teams whose expertise is in progressing and closing prospective new business to generate the leads necessary to stock the early stages of the sales pipeline. This presumes that marketing and sales teams are good at lead generation. All too often, they’re not. Indeed, why should they be expected to be?

The outcome is missed sales targets and ultimately an unsustainable operating model. What can be done to rectify the situation?


Generating qualified leads is a skill separate from those possessed by traditional marketing and sales teams. Cold-calling telco prospects, engaging them in conversation, unearthing useful information about their infrastructure needs, and articulating possible solutions to their enabling technology problems requires a unique approach. Generally, for successful outcomes to be achieved, this has to be sourced from outside the vendor company itself.

That’s where the lead generation agency comes in; it discharges the specialist function of finding and delivering qualified prospects. It’s to such agencies that many of the leading technology vendors turn to stock their sales pipelines. But how do you choose the right one? What makes such an agency likely to be successful?


Partly, general qualifications. How long has the agency been operating successfully? How deep is its experience in the telco domain? Is its team multi-lingual (since telco is a global industry)? Does it have long-established relationships with its clients? Does it truly understand, and can it therefore articulate complex technology products and solutions like yours? All these things matter and will be part of your selection process. But even when the answer to all the questions above is “yes”, there’s more. What about results?

Ultimately, telco technology vendors want to work with an agency that not only has all the headline skills required to deliver qualified leads, but one that actually has a proven track record of doing so. It’s in results, generally expressed and explained in the form of case studies, that vendors can find the best guidance on which agency to use.

At eContact Services, the outcomes of our campaigns in the telco industry define us and explain why for many leading vendors, we are the agency of choice. An overview of eighteen recent case studies demonstrates:

  • The breadth of our expertise across multiple telco domains.
  • Our ability to consistently deliver qualified leads at rates above the client’s expectations.
  • Our skill in articulating complex solutions in multiple languages, across the globe.

Consider the numbers:

Domain Solution Percent raw prospect to qualified lead
OSS FTTX network resource management 70%
OSS MNO network resource management 45%
BSS Retail management solution 40%
BSS NWDAF solution (analytics) 53%
BSS Cloud BSS solution 60%
OSS End-to-end OSS solution 50%
OSS Cloud infrastructure solution 53%
BSS Monetizing network data solution 47%
OSS Internet QoS solution 60%
BSS Customer experience solution 45%
OSS 5G service assurance solution 80%
OSS Telecoms inventory management 70%
Security Endpoint security solution 57%
Security Lawful intercept solution 53%
OSS 5G O-RAN solution 60%
General Market expension (LATAM) 60%
General Wi-Fi device optimisation 50%
OSS Customer activation solution 60%
OSS Geolocation solution 50%

You can read detailed insights into any one or all of the above case studies by clicking here.

Why e-Contact Services?

Put simply, if your existing lead generation efforts aren’t converting raw prospects into qualified sales pipeline at rates like those above, working with eContact Services will turbocharge your pursuit of sales success.

Your marketing and sales teams will be left to focus on what they do best, while your lead generation efforts will bloom. With 30 years’ experience running lead generation campaigns for all the leading technology vendors in the telco industry around the globe, there’s every reason – as the results and case studies above suggest – to think that working with eContact Services will have a transformative effect on your bottom line.

Why not give us a call? We’d be happy to discuss your specific lead generation requirements, talk you through any of the relevant campaigns or data listed in this paper in more detail, and show you how and why we can bring success to your company.

To take the next step, please get in touch.


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