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Engage with the telcos and seize a share of the B2B Prize.

Although we all know individuals, early adopters, people with a soft spot for the latest technology that will be willing to pay a little bit more for a 5G connection, (for faster video steaming or for “multisensory” digital experiences such as gaming or esports), it will be the “Business to Business” opportunity that makes 5G actually pay for the Industry rather than individual consumers. Omdia, estimate that the 5G enterprise services market (comprising connectivity, hardware, solutions/applications) could be worth up to $13.2 trillion over the next 5 years.

Across our professional networks and associations and speaking with strategic decision-makers at some of the largest Telco companies we are seeing that they are actively looking beyond the confines of their own technology teams to help land the big 5G win and ensure that the B2B opportunity does not slip away and into the hands of disruptors (e.g. Rakuten or Reliance Jio).

In terms of action we’re seeing that forward-looking CSP’s are inviting outside specialists in to collaborate, innovate, design, secure and serve a broad, attractive and business-ready package of 5G services for a market-ready and waiting to capitalise on new business models, new technology powered by 5G connectivity. Experience in the following is hot property:

  • Network Strategy, Security, Operations and Optimisation
  • BSS OSS & Customer Experience
  • Cybersecurity, Identity and Device Management
  • Cloud, Virtualisation, Edge, and Platform technology
  • AI, VR, IOT and more

eContact Services have been helping technology, software and service experts engage with Telco decision-makers to generate high-value business relationships for over 20 years.
We are dedicated to the telecommunications industry and offer comprehensive sales support packages including:

Our ability to engage 5G specialists effectively with B2B telco decision-makers is powered by our rich database of global telecommunications contacts, data points and our active network of industry associations and publications.

Our services are deployed by senior business developers with deep telecommunications knowledge who have proven success generating connections, leads, opportunities and revenue for 100 + technology multinationals, SME’s, and start-ups.

Read what some of our key clients have achieved and connect with us to discuss how we can help you support and capture the B2B revenue opportunity of 5G.

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